Why does an Employee play an Important Role in a Company?

  1. Employee performance plays a critical role in the overall success of the company.
  2. An Employee is one of the strongest pillars of any company foundation.
  3. An Employee helps the owner to achieve his dream by leveraging his time.

But most of the employees do not get enough success in their career and good salary package because of a lack of skillset, mindset, and technology to finish their work smartly and in a timely. Here is the solution for you.

EMPLOYEE FREEDOM MODEL is a Unique Training Program that trains How You can Double or Triple Your Salary in Your Job, How to earn Deserving Designation, and teaches How You can Make Money Online More than Your Job with Zero Technical Skills.

Who can get the benefits from this Training Program?

  1. If You are a Fresher Graduate, Jobless or Unemployed person
  2. If you are a Stressed but Hardworking Employee
  3. If you are a Team Leader and handling a team of 5-10 People
  4. If you are in Senior management, Manager, and above.

What Will I Learn?

  • The Success Secrets of Million Dollar Salaried CEOs of the World’s Largest Companies 
  • Skills you need to upgrade to Double Your Salary.
  • How to command attention and promotions, without asking.
  • Tricks to manage time and TAT of your work
  • The P3 Formula which will super charge your energy and excitement
  • Step by Step Roadmap till next Promotion Cycle.
  • Personal Branding and Building Digital Business

Topics for this course

51 Lessons

Employee Freedom Model- L1?

This is the First Course of the Bundle. (Language- Hindi). There are total 9 Modules in it.

Module 1: Orientation

Module 2: Understand Your Company

Module3: Organizational Hierarchy

Module 4: Its About You

Module 5: Time & Work Management

Module 6: Leadership Skills For Organization

Module 7: Hard Work vs Smart Work

Module 8: Workplace Politics & Competition

Module 9: Employeepreneur

BONUS-1: Winning Mind Blueprint?

Language- Hindi

BONUS 2- Influential Leader Blueprint

BONUS 3: Team Management Blueprint

BONUS 4- CEO Success Formula

BONUS 5- Online Income Blueprint


Greetings to Every Employee of the World 💐💐💐 The contributions of employees in any organization's success play the most important role. But the majority of the employees faces these 3 common problems in their professional career: 1️⃣ Salary doesn't grow fast, but work pressure is increasing day by day. 2️⃣ Don't get timely or early promotion with respect to their hard work. 3️⃣ Don't know legitimate other income sources that can be created while working in the job. Badaemployee is a platform with the mission to help 10 million employees 👉 multiply their salaries, get 👉 early promotions, and 👉 build an online income source for passive income simultaneously with their jobs.
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Team development and handling was a big problem for me. But when i went through employee freedom model, I learn the strategies of team development. Now things have changed completely.

I was amazed when I went through this program. as an executive, I never thought that being a girl I can grow in my job. The module about Gender Boss Issue and management helped me a lot. I feel more confident now at my workplace. Thanks to EFM.

EFM is a complete package. especially the leadership part, as I handle the team in my job. team development is most important if you are looking for growth. Dr VV is an amazing person. His way of delivery is very simple.

The employee freedom Model is an eye-opening program. I was not aware of that how easily I can grow in my job via these strategies. Highly recommended.


Material Includes

  • Value Addition Videos
  • PDFs


  • Learning Attitude
  • 30 Minutes daily for Learning
  • Consistency
  • Commitment

Target Audience

  • Employee Freedom Model is for You If
  • You are Career-Minded Individuals who want to succeed in the workplace.
  • You want to improve your output and performance at work.
  • You want to enjoy your job and want freedom of struggling in 9 to 5 or 10 to 6.
  • You love Leadership and Team Handling.
  • You want to Double or Triple your salary.
  • You love Early Promotion than your colleagues.
  • You want to be Shining Star or an in-demand employee.
  • You want to build a Risk-Free and Super Profitable Digital Business with your job to make more money.

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